Majestic Athletic linked up with one of the most influential voices in UK menswear to explore one of street culture's latest phenomenons: the baseball jersey.

With Major League Baseball taking over the UK next year when the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox play two games at the London Stadium, the revival of classic baseball jerseys as a style essential has come at the right time. Majestic Athletic is the brand responsible for designing and manufacturing all 30 MLB jerseys and they invited style blogger Matthew Spade out to their home in Easton, Pennsylvania to get the inside track on jersey culture.

Having designed MLB jerseys since 1976, the heritage of Majestic Athletic runs deep and during his trip to Easton, Mat met some of the incredible people behind the brand including the self-proclaimed ‘Button Babe’ Lori J. Smith – who has been creating jerseys for nearly 40 years – and the Plant Manager Mark Todd who described how seeing MLB players on any given Sunday hitting home runs in Jerseys creates a "special feeling".

Speaking about the trip and his own jersey fandom, Mat said: "Very rarely is sporting apparel still manufactured with such love, passion and heritage. The opportunity to visit the Majestic Athletic factory in Easton and understand how the local culture, people, attitudes and place truly inform the products was too unique to miss.”

Watch the full film detailing Mat's visit to Majestic Athletic at the top of the page and check out some images from the trip below.

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