Moncler explores creative flair and energy through the multi-faceted Moncler Genius project, with Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment providing an exclusive collaborative collection launching today. 

Hiroshi Fujiwara stands as an extremely well-rounded character, being a creative director, musician and record producer, as well as Japan's first hip-hop DJ.

The Moncler Fragment collection sums up the personal attributes and energy of Hiroshi, combining references and elements from across the board. Fragment's DNA serves as a feeding ground for the collection, utilising the designer's imagination to create a strong synergy between the two brands. 

This collection has been divided into two parts, with the first launching in June and the second in December. June's launch is all about the music references tapped into for the collection. The word (and the world) Backstage dominates on a long coat offered up in both beige and black. Additional detailing elements are formed from detachable stickers that bear the words Moncler Fragment. 

The full Moncler Fragment will be available from June 14th exclusively at Matches. 

All Images via Moncler