Imtayaz Qassim presents 'Historical Amnesia', an editorial showcasing his upcoming SS18 offering. 

For this editorial, the brand took to the Welsh coast that serves as Imtayaz's home, showcasing pieces pulled directly from the SS18 collection. Set to release soon, the collection includes loose-fitting pants, graphic T-shirts, joggers, and hoodies. A monochromatic colour palette has been chosen to showcase the garments that focus on clashing cultures. 

Speaking on the collection and the editorial, the designer says:  “My research stems from my bi-cultural upbringing and how I identify in today’s society. I intend for my work to inspire and inform of a forgotten history that is vital to a more stable, secure world. People who forget or blatantly ignore major trends or events in world history can be said to suffer from “historical amnesia” and through my design work I hope to dispel some of the stereotypes and misperceptions that people may have, especially about the history of Islam and the West, a relationship that was not only peaceful but prosperous to both. In a world where truth is hidden to fulfill the agendas of the few, education and knowledge are how we find freedom in the darkness.”

View the editorial below and stay tuned for updates on the release of Imtayaz Qassim's SS18 collection. 


All Images via Imtayaz Qassim