We all know there are attractive fathers out there, but rarely do we stop to think, “Is my dad… hot??” Here are some questions to help you determine that. Did your female friends in high school always want to come over to your house? Have your teachers, babysitters, and coworkers ever asked about your dad a little too frequently? Does your dad have a motorcycle, vintage car collection, rock band, woodworking hobby, or rugged charm? Well, sorry to tell you, somebody’s dad has to be the hot one... and it’s yours! But don’t worry, that’s who you got your dashing good looks from!

This Father’s Day, say thanks to the man who gave you that jawline with gifts that express “Dad! Hell yeah! We’re hot!” like a thin, fancy T-shirt, a gold chain, and some Balenciaga Triple S sneakers—the ultimate “dad sneakers” for the only real-life dad that can pull them off. And, since your pops already looks like Idris Elba, it seems insulting to get him a timepiece any less slick than the BOSS Talent Watch, a fancy black and rose-gold number.  

Threads To Cop For Pops:

1. Comme des Garçons White Long Sleeve Basic T-Shirt, $37. Available at SSENSE.
2. Acne Studios Canada New Scarf, $180. Available at Totokaelo.
3. Lauren Manoogian Cashmere Felt Crown Beanie, $184. Available at Lauren Manoogian.
4. BOSS Talent Watch, $295. Available at Macy's.
5. Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker, $895. Available at Totokaelo.
6. All Blues Gold String Necklace, $240. Available at SSENSE.    
7. Nudie Jeans Indigo Skinny Lin Jeans, $195. Available at SSENSE.