Every year, digital and print publications are flooded with photos from New York Fashion Week. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to score seats next to the catwalk, it’s a cool way to experience the week’s festivities. But this year, LIFEWTR wants to take that engagement to another level with its #FashionIsArt initiative.

LIFEWTR believes that all art has the ability to make life more inspired. So, to celebrate the artistic expression on display during NYFW, the brand has assembled an incredibly talented team of fashion illustrators to draw a series of original #FashionIsArt sketches that recreate some of the breathtaking looks debuting throughout the week.

But #FashionIsArt represents so much more than what’s happening at NYFW, and LIFEWTR wants to make sure that fashion and art lovers everywhere can take part in the experience. Starting September 7, LIFEWTR invites you to take a full body snapshot of yourself decked out in the look that most embodies your personal style and share it on social media using #FashionIsArt. By doing so, you will go from being a Fashion Week observer to an active participant in a movement that’s all about creating personalized moments of inspiration.

You can follow along with @LIFEWTR and all the #FashionIsArt moments online. And if inspiration strikes, assemble that outfit, take that pic, and share how you embrace the spirit of #FashionIsArt with the world.