What if boldness had a scent? What if you could distill the millennial man’s daring spirit—one that is full of adventure, strength, sexiness and freedom—into one potent olfactory experience, what would it smell like?

GUESS has answered that question with its new Dare for Men. 

Strong and rugged, Dare for Men is both woody and spicy, and is perfect for any setting, day or night. Created by acclaimed perfumer Jacques Huclier of Givaudan, Dare for Men leads with notes of Bergamot, White Peppercorn and Juniper Berry before giving way to deeper notes of Geranium, Jasmine and Cashmere Woods. Throughout it has continuous hints of Patchouli, Cedarwood and Musk. 

More important than the particular scent notes, however, is Dare for Men’s overall intangible essence, which Huclier describes as the embodiment of “a man with true values, who is enlivened and inivigorated” and “oozes inherent sex appeal wherever he goes.”

GUESS Dare For Men is available at GUESS retail stores, perfumery chains, and department stores. To learn more or order online, visit www.guess.com