Let’s be honest, there’s a lot that happened this year that we’ll be glad to leave behind. But 2016 wasn’t all bad, and you better believe we’re gonna prove it in a listicle.

There were a ton of notable product releases this year, products that may very well have lasting effects on the definition of American style. The most obvious are the tech-related releases, things like Oculus Rift and Snapchat’s Spectacles. These are products that are continuing to hammer on how we view and interact with wearables—an unfortunate name for a wide breadth of innovation that continues to challenge how we look and live.

But there’s another dimension to this category, which includes products like Uniqlo’s collaboration with Muslim designer Hana Tajima and Demna Gvasalia’s debut for Balenciaga. American style isn’t just evolving on the level of how technology is touching our lives, it’s also evolving on the level of how the people designing our clothes are thinking about a more inclusive future. Here, we’re breaking down all the products from 2016 that are most likely to shape the future of American style.