An argument can certainly be made that Canadians have traded their stereotypical politeness for overt patriotism, much to the chagrin of their neighbors to the south. But with Drake and Justin Trudeau repping the northern nation of 35 million on a global scale, one can understand the current lack of humility.

But it’s not just the 6 God and fresh-faced prime minister doing Canada proud in 2016. The country is also home to countless young creatives who are pushing boundaries in the worlds of food, music, and art. Toronto, the largest city in Canada, has become a global hub brimming with creativity, while Montreal continues to establish itself as a cultural melting pot and an exciting, inexpensive place to live.

Something else that’s popping off in Canada: fashion. There are a multitude of innovators adding touches of glamour, freshness, and Canadian flavor to traditional winter weather fits. Just because it’s below freezing, doesn’t mean you can’t have a distinct look. Americans are even adopting the style and putting their own spin on it.

Here are seven people influencing Canadian style today.