UPDATED 7/20: 

The images of Brooklyn Beckham proudly rocking Kanye West's TLOP gear have been wiped from his Instagram. There's still a small trace of Yeezy left on his account, though. The new picture shows Beckham posing to the side so that the recognizable font Kanye uses is almost out of view. It's still clearly a Kanye shirt, though. 

See the original story from 7/19 below.

Chloë Grace Moretz has been a not-so-silent ally to Taylor Swift throughout the singer's feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian over the "Famous" lyrics and incriminating Snapchat video. Moretz has been so involved she even ended up getting dragged herselffor an asshole that wasn't even hers—by Khloé Kardashian. 

It appears that Moretz's boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham (as in soccer star David Beckham's son) just took sides and it doesn't look like he sees eye-to-eye on this with Moretz. Beckham just posted two photos to Instagram that show him wearing Kanye's TLOP merch. Specifically, one with the line "Step Up In This Bitch Like I'm The One Your Bitch Like" from "Waves."

While this could all just be a big coincidence, it seems awfully suspicious that just a day after your girlfriend gets insulted on the Internet, you put your fandom for the enemy on full display. This has not escaped observant Twitter and Instagram users who are wondering what this all means. 

People are also in Beckham's comments pointing out how weird this is. "His gf has been disrespected twice by that family and doesn't even defend her in anyway ... And then supports them," one user writes. Another wrote, "kardashians dissed his gf like wtf." And another user said, "And ur gf is being roasted by Kanye's wife... KK." There are many, many more in the comments sections of the below posts.

 This certainly wouldn't be the first time "Famous" has ruined a relationship. 

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