Sometimes when you need help tracking something down, there's nowhere better to turn than Reddit. Andy Gaudry recently found this out after he lost a pair of pants during an alcohol-fueled night. The man was apparently in Halifax, Nova Scotia for his grandma's 80th birthday party when he went out with a group of his cousins he hadn't seen in a while. 

"We were out gallivanting around town. I'm not even sure where we were, wherever all the bars are," he told CBC's Maritime Noon"It's a great town, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. So much so I felt the need to walk around without my pants on."

After the eventing of heavy drinking, Gaudry found his way back to the hotel his family was staying at, but had lost his pants on the way. Fortunately, he did manage to keep his shoes and underwear on, which he pointed out were bright pink. 

When Gaudry realized his pants, along with his wallet and cell phone, were gone he asked the hotel to review its security tapes, but it found that he was already sans pants when he arrived. So, he asked Reddit to help him find his missing trousers. 

"So as the title states, I lost my pants Friday night. They're charcoal Calvin Klein chinos," he wrote. "I blacked out and don't know where I would have taken my pants off... Any guidance would be greatly appreciated."

Just hours after his plea for help, someone on staff at the Marriott located his pants. They tweeted a picture and asked if someone could share it on Reddit. 

Gaudry has since posted on Reddit that he contacted the hotel and will be reuniting with his pants. Now, if only Reddit could figure why he took his pants off in the first place, the real mystery would be solved.

Gaudry did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.