The Horticultural Society of New York is back with another Block Party silent auction. This time around, the organization is giving you a rare chance to bid on a selection of never-before-seen photographs taken by some of the biggest names in art like KAWS and Ryan McGinness.

To play on this year's theme of "Analog," the auction includes 16 undeveloped disposable cameras that have been used by the different artists. 

"I thought the cameras would be fun because they employ an old school method of delivery—film—and since they are undeveloped, they provide the element of surprise to the winning bidder," Dana Albarella James, curator and chair of Block Party, told Complex. "They are also analog to the max, in that they are one-of-a-kind objects, created by visual artists who do not generally work in the photographic medium."

Archival giclée pigment print by Chi Modu

Each camera features a comment and signature from the artist, along with the dozens of photos that only the buyer will see. The artists weren't given any guidelines for the project, so the photos could be of anything.

"Unfortunately, I can’t give any hints as to what anyone may or may not have shot," said James. "A few artists mentioned ideas to me during the shooting period, but I will be as surprised as everyone else when the film all gets developed. I can’t wait!"

The silent auction will benefit the Society's GreenHouse program, which helps to improve the lives of inmates at Rikers Island by providing them with re-entry skills through horticultural therapy and vocational training. This year marks the sixth annual Block Party. 

"I think the artists in the auction all empathize with incarcerated persons, and they want to support programs like GreenHouse that offer a real path to rehabilitation," said James "We have been blessed with a core group of twelve artists who have contributed to all six auctions, plus a rotating group of other generous artists who support our cause."

The online auction, which also includes paintings, prints, and original photographs of figures like Jean Michel-Basquiat and Eazy E, is going on via Paddle8 here now. The auction will run through June 9.