We already knew fashion bloggers were making a crazy amount of money. In 2014, the top bloggers were already bringing in $1 million per year, but now that number is reportedly even higher. 

According to WWD, the profits made by style bloggers is at an all time high, reaching up to $3 million a year. The price per post is almost five times as much as it was 18 months ago, with bloggers earning anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000.

To assist in managing their fortunes, new agencies have actually been forming to help digital influencers build their brand and determine their fees. One firm called DBA is estimated to bring in $50 million from its 130 clients. 

In addition to their paid posts, bloggers are making big bucks by driving traffic to their corporate partners. One blogger was reportedly able to earn $1 million for Nordstrom during their holiday collaboration. Shopstyle had similar results with a 315 percent increase in sales thanks to partnerships with social media personalities. 

On top of the thousands they are earning from personal appearances and collaborations, bloggers are also turning their brands into lucrative businesses selling products like shoes and earning them millions per year.

Maybe working 100 hours per week isn't so bad after all.