Last week, Stéphane Ashpoole presented Pigalle's Fall/Winter 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Since many of us weren't lucky enough to attend the brand's recent show, Ashpoole was kind enough to give us a peak behind-the-scenes through a new short film. The two-minute clip begins with an intimate look backstage where models are filmed getting their hair slicked back and nails painted to highlight the collection's theme of male femininity. Once in their looks, Ashpoole is seen directing the dress rehearsal at Paris’ Theatre L’atelier as Frank Sinatra's "I love Paris" is appropriately played throughout the film. 

The designer opted not to use his youth basketball team as models this season, but as we noted before, it probably isn't easy managing a bunch of kids during Fashion Week. The film also provides a closer look at the clothing with footage from the presentation.