If you can't get to L.A. or NY, you have to go through resellers? What about the online store? — submitted by Yung Meezy

"There is an online store but if you're in competition with a couple hundred people on the line for the in-store, the online release is you against the whole world. Things sell out really fast. Add to that the advent of 'bots,' and popular items are literally sold out in milliseconds." — Andre, @solestreetsneakerco


"The online store is always a possibility for less hyped items. Meaning if you wanted something like the branded denim or the cut-and-sewn items, they're usually always available online. But items like the bogo crew neck/hoodie will sell out in less than a minute due to bot traffic. So essentially you have to find a reasonable third party price to get it if you're not in L.A. or NYC. RARELY—meaning it does happen sometimes (Supreme x Jordan 5)—they will restock the webstore at a random time/day for those that didn't catch the original release." — Racks