Damir Doma apparently calls this thing a parka, but it really doesn't look substantial enough to have that moniker. It definitely falls more under the realm of "jacket" in my opinion. Fortunately, garment names in fashion are literally the most useless things in the world. You could just use "thing" in place of any actual clothing term and everything would be fine because even if the name makes no sense, the item can still be fire. And this Silent and Damir Doma is the perfect mid-layer piece. It's light enough, made of a material that won't cause any issues when piled on top of and has some good pocket options so your outer-most layer isn't all bumpy because you stashed all your gadgets there. The only issue is that when it really comes down to the coldest winter temperatures, I don't end up layering all that much. I just throw on the two heaviest pieces I own and mutter to myself about how cold it is. I should really take action, but it always ends up being like a New Year's resolution—a whole lot of talk and no actual action. So give the whole "new year, new me" thing a shot and actually do something about it. Wear a mid-layer piece.