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If you haven't been watching our fellow Complex brethren First We Feast's series "That's Odd, Let's Drink It" you've been missing out. They take Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery and meet up with a wide range of musicians, athletes, actors, designers and others to make a custom beer that matches their work, personality and interests. For the most recent episode, they brought in Sandy and Emil Corsillo of The Hill-Side for one of the more intriguing ideas—turn the brand's natural clothing dyes into a beer. 

It sounds a bit more intense than it actually is, but not too complicated. A lot of their dyes are created out of stuff like food. So they tried blueberries, carrots, blackberries and mache, each one gives off a nice rich color, but also has a distinct taste that might work together in a beer. In the end, they did two brews: one with blueberries and one with carrots, pitting the two against each other at the brand's flagship store opening in Brooklyn and asking the attendees to choose. Watch the full episode above to see which one came out on top.