A video captured over the weekend has caused a lot of backlash after it showed a Zara employee in Paris denying a woman from entering the store because of her hijab.

When the woman asks if she can shop with a veil on instead, the guard tells her that people covering their heads with hats, caps, hoods, etc. are not allowed in the store. He then adds, “If things change, they’ll change but I don’t make the rules."

The clip was uploaded the day following the terrorist attacks in Paris and appears to have been taken down over the weekend. People on Twitter and Facebook were quick to call out the company, especially in light of the current events in the city.

 Zara has since taken to social media to apologize, saying that they sincerely apologize for what happened. They also said that security guard and store manager have been fired.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Zara has been in trouble for its discriminatory practices. The retailer was involved in a lawsuit earlier this year over its homophobic and racist upper management.