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Queen Rihanna is taking over the world. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the singer has launched a beauty and stylist agency called Fr8me. The LA-based agency will hook up artists for commercials, editorial shoots, and red carpet events. 

"Hair, makeup and styling play an important role in creativity," Rihanna tells THR. "I am very involved with that part of my process, so this agency was an organic thing for me to do."

The team consists of RiRi's makeup artist Mylah Morales, hair stylists Patricia Morales and Marcia Hamilton, and Jason Bolden, who's a wardrobe stylist to Taraji P. Henson.

But that's not all. Rihanna also found time to start her own photo agency, called A Dog Ate My Homework, that currently represents Erik Asla and Deborah Anderson

"Our goal is to have a stellar reputation," says her managing partner Benoit Demouy told THR. "The industry's changed so much — rates have gone down, and clients just grab images off social media, trying to bypass paying artists. But we're concerned with social media, too — we'll take a makeup artist with 500,000 followers over someone else."  

Looking at Rihanna, we can't imagine her crew creating anything that isn't stellar.