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How '90s are you trying to get these days? The answer should be something like "almost too '90s." The tracksuit movement has been strong lately and Diadora is really taking it to another fucking level with a new drop this Friday. First, there's the V.7000 sneaker, which is similar to the N.9000, but with a slightly different shape and provided the inspiration for those Ronnie Fieg Diadoras a couple of weeks back. These ones are the OGs though, fully made in Italy and come with wild, scream green accents. The sneaker is all well and good, but if your're trying to go full flagrant, you need the tracksuit to match. Alongside the sneaker drop, there's a full tracksuit hitting the market as well. The jacket has that paper cup scribble pattern aka the most '90s thing in existence. It's the perfect fit for slanging mid because, as you know by now, the mid is never not selling. The kicks and tracksuit hit Diadora's website and select retailers this Friday.