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Remember Single's Day? It's only the biggest shopping day on the planet. Last year, China's Amazon, Alibaba, sold around $6 billion worth of shit in the first 14 hours alone. Most of it was spent on virtual companions, which adds a not so thin veil of sadness to the already depressing rampant consumerism, but while countries like the U.S. are taking up the charge against shopping on days like Black Friday with some retailers even closing their doors, China's Single's Day isn't slowing down anytime soon. According to TechCrunch, this year's Single's Day was the biggest yet.

Alibaba smashed its $9.3 billion total from last year by just 12:30pm Chinese time and, Alibaba's primary competitor, eclipsed its total orders from 2014 by noon. These 11/11 sales are so lit they've also spread to other Asian countries. But my favorite part about this shopping bonanza (aside from the fact that virtual companions exist, of course) is how mainstream a lot of the purchases are. You'd figure that big-screen TVs and other gadgets would be the primary targets, but instead it's shit like laundry detergent and milk. Yes, milk. Fucking amazing. Shopping in Asia never ceases to amaze me.

[Photo via Forbes]