Today is Lawrence Schlossman's last day at Four Pins and Complex, which is sad. But instead of being sad, we all decided that it'd be best if we masked any feels by aggressively shoving them away from us and making fun of each other instead, probably over a few dozen bottles of Budweiser. So, while reflecting upon Lawrence's career arc, and since some of us have known him for almost six years, we decided to take a brief sojourn and investigate the most important thing to Larry: his French bulldog. Just kidding. It's his style.

As the benevolent overlord of Four Pins, Lawrence has had his hands on the rudder, guiding the site's audience to the best of the best in clothing, lifestyle and memes. Even as it became a weird 9/11 truther platform, Lawrence's personal style was always Four Pins' beacon, and to understand one is to know the other. Or, you know, just look at what Kanye's wearing. Without further ado and with immense apologies to his personal brand, this is "The Complete and Absurd Style History of Lawrence Schlossman," all done in love. And, in the interest of full disclosure, he has no fucking idea that we're doing this.

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