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If Jon Moy's love of candles has not rubbed off on you yet, then you're pretty much hopeless. As you get older candles become a much more integral part of your life. I remember when I was first exposed to incense and thought it was super rebellious and cool because it was perfect for covering up the stench of that loud, but you can't burn incense as an established adult person because people will look at you like you are a fucking teen. You don't want that. That's why you have to graduate to the candle game. And no Yankee Candles up in here. We're not your middle-aged aunt with thinly veiled drinking problem. Nah, we're talking Très Bien, who just made some candles in a couple of fancy, assorted scents: moss, temple and black vanilla. Based on their descriptions, they all sound like they smell pretty scrumptious to me. I bet your apartment stinks. And you're probably stressed because you're overworked and underpaid. So burn one (i.e. a joint) while you light up another (i.e. a candle).