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We fuck with Alejandro and his brand Beautiful Fül HEAVY. And it's not that difficult on our part because every collection seriously just keeps getting better and better. On the real, it's one of the most slept on brands out right now. But sleep no more, especially when it comes to gear like these silk bombers. Think about the classic satin varsity that was popping back in the '80s. Now, bring it to the modern day, give it a raw silk treatment for some texture, flip the sleeve panels a little bit and here you are. You're probably thinking, "Raw silk bombers? It's about to be December." Well, it's lined with quilted Rayon too. Sure, it isn't about to brave the next snowmageddon or anything, but with its lightweight nature you can pull off the grail layering combo of bomber under topcoat that few have been able to accomplish without totally fucking bricking it. Maybe you can be the exception. Probably not. But it is Friday and that direct deposit just hit, so excuse us for feeling optimistic.