"Athleisure" has definitely been a word floating around in the zeitgeist for about a year now. By my advanced Googling, the first time we ever used the term was back in November 2014 for a post about Uniqlo's S/S 15 collection. We didn't bother boring you to death with any details about the trend coming to a head more than we do with anything else, but now we have to mention it again because the word—a portmanteau of the words "athlete" and "leisure"—is officially being added to the dictionary come early 2016.

The word nerds over at Merriam-Webster say that the word has technically been in use since 1976, when it was first mentioned on an El Paso Herald Post advertisement for "athleisure" boots, which were essentially sneakers. The trend of wearing workout clothes when you're not actually working out has only broke through as real a trend recently though. And if you think about it, a term being popular enough for a year means it has a pretty good chance of being added to the dictionary. Still, that's pretty fucking crazy. I guess all we really need to do now is dream up some solid, descriptive, Four Pins-approved words and get them to spread like the great meme-makers we are. I'm thinking "alphet" and/or "jawn" are long overdue. Let's make history, fam.

[Photo via Cool Hunting]