We're not strangers to some of the weirder aspects of fashion. We fully accept that the industry and brands often fold in on themselves like a black hole with only the most bizarre and flagrant shit making it out alive. That's in the job description. But, as Fusion notes, this J.Crew sweatshirt complete with a fishing lure is maybe one of the strangest things we've seen yet.

Apparently, J.Crew's designers were "inspired by fancy fishing lures and played with feathers to replicate the real thing." Yep, the wonderful world of ornate fishing lures led to the creation of this sweatshirt. With a fishing lure brooch. Don't worry though, it's removable, so you could buy this $118 navy sweatshirt for your girl and if it's just a bit too extravagant for her taste, remove the brooch and be left with just a simple, fairly nondescript sweatshirt. What about just trying to buy a blue sweatshirt for her instead? Good luck with that shit. I can't find one that matches. The closest I can come is this one with a zipper down the back and side slits, which is admittedly a way more fire option than a sweatshirt that can also bag you a fucking marlin.