So here's a breakdown of how it all happens: You're a fucking nerd and you know it. Yet somehow, a woman let's you touch her. Obviously, she isn't a very smart one because she let you knock her up. There is a child living inside of her and while you should be preparing for how you are going to support a baby with a roof over it's head or food in their ever-growing stomach, you go straight to how you are going to put some dope jawnz on their back.

Considering you still live a pre-pubescent lifestyle, you are more apt to lean toward the streetwear stylistics of today, but your champagne taste cannot be supported through your ice cube sandwich budget. Your child, however, will not suffer the same fate as you. Well, style-wise, at least.

Insert Haus of JR, a California-based children's clothing brand on its third cute ass collection that allows you to live vicariously through your child because your life is essentially over. Its adorable assortment of streetwear-ready clothing for your mini-me will instantly have you contemplating whether you want more children just to outfit in some pre-Post Apocalytic 'Ye-wear.

The brand was founded by two parents, Chris and Sophia, to push the boundaries of what children's clothing can be. How do they do that you ask? By partnering with creative director Rob Garcia, founder of the luxury streetwear brand En Noir and his own eponymous line, that's how.

Garcia says he's always wanted to get into kid's clothing, so when he was approached by a friend who worked with Haus of JR and told Garcia what they wanted to do, the passion they showed and the overall growth potential drew him in immediately. "There is such a void for cool clothes for kids that is in line with what a stylish father or mother is wearing. It was just a matter of the right opportunity presenting itself. Haus of JR was the perfect brand for me to come in and just expand on the really cool aesthetic and foundation they already had set," he says.

Garcia has even perfected designing the miniature version of real life cool guy clothing: "It's a good design exercise for me to translate what is cool and current for the parents that would look good on their children. The most important part of the process is translating the materials and execution into the kids' silhouettes."

I mean, can you even imagine having your seed dress in clothing so niche and specific in taste, aka yours, that you are the coolest fucking duo at daycare? Especially something that's comparative in pricepoint to brands like Gap Kids and J. Crew's Crew Cuts? I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN when I think about my son wearing distressed biker denim and a scallop-cut elongated tee. I mean, he wears that now because we want him to grow into his shit, but a long tee made purposefully for the look? Brain. Exploding. Out. Of. My. Butt.

Now go make some babies and cop some Haus of JR with the quickness.