Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver and music producer Arca have formed a band. The supergroup has been working on an album, and they will debut their first music video during the HBA fashion show.

The new track called "Galvanize" previewed by Dazed, features Arca's flawless beats mixed with haunting slowed down version of pop songs like T.A.T.U's "Not Gonna Get Us" and Cher's "Believe." Oliver appears toward the end of the track where he raps some verses.

The two artists have collaborated before, with Arca composing a soundtrack for the brand's Pitti Uomo show earlier this year, and making his debut during its Paris Fashion Week presentation.  This 15 minute video, is just a segment of their larger project that will be shared today at NYFW. The powerful visuals of fiery explosions and collapsing buildings were created by Jesse Kanda

You can expect the album to drop in 2016.