The definition and scope of architecture are constantly expanding, thanks in part to the innovative and interdisciplinary work of young and emerging architects. Across the United States and around the world, they are not only erecting buildings, but also using their medium to address environmental, social, and cultural issues. Featured here are a handful of the architects piloting the developments and experimentations that are taking the discipline to new levels.

Their practices incorporate diverse methods and processes and draw from various fields like art, ecology, anthropology, and engineering. They value experimentation with materials, construction methods, and technology, and work between multiple media such as sculpture, installation, industrial, and landscape design, in addition to architecture itself. Another factor in expanding the field is a marked shift toward working collaboratively—many newer firms are actually partnerships between several architects.

Some of these practitioners are already quite noticeable, constructing towering skyscrapers and huge institutions all over the world, while others are a little less visible, designing smaller-scale homes and installations in farther corners of the country. In either case, they are certainly worth watching out for.

From L.A. to Tokyo, here is a list of up-and-coming architects you should know.