It's the moment we've all been waiting for, fam. Uniqlo finally dropped the lookbook for their upcoming collaboration with Lemaire and the result is pretty lusty. It's all vintage Lemaire: slick, understated, and relaxed in all the right places. There's not a pattern in sight and the monochrome fits are worth thinking about overhauling your entire wardrobe for. Navy, cream, brown and olive dominate the entire collection on both the men's and women's side. The fabrics, while pared down to match with Uniqlo's famous affordability, are still top notch—sweaters are made of cashmere, coats of wool-cashmere blend and water-repellent canvas. It's all pretty impressive. If you want more info, head to Uniqlo's site where they break it down a bit further along with stock product images. The good news? The most expensive items are $199.90. Pretty much everything else comes in under $100. Uniqlo and Lemaire hits stores on October 2nd, so mark your calendars.