For its September issue, Vanity Fair sat down with Thom Brown and basically had him explain his signature grey, short-cut suits. There's not much else to say about Thom except that he is a fucking legend. You can't think of modern men's fashion without throwing his name into the mix. And, like, grey suits are one thing, but it's another to have Michelle Obama wear your designs at Barack's second inauguration.

He puts it simply: He likes a uniform, but doesn't want it to be a boring one and rather than having things look perfect, he would prefer to have them perfectly made. As with all things Thom Browne, his genesis is a humble one. When he was working for Club Monaco around 15 years ago, he wore the suits out to cafes in the hopes that someone would inquire about them and even possibly buy one. While it didn't take off back then, by the time 2004 rolled around, Thom Browne the brand was born. Now, we're all looking back, thinking about what we'd be dressing like if Thom wasn't there. While I don't think we'd be stuck in oversized sacks from the '90s, I'm not sure our affinity for sexy ankles would be as strong as it is today.

[Photo via Gasper Tringale/Vanity Fair]