The North Face and colder temperatures go together so damn well thanks to every basic bitch this side of Nowheresville who drops on their Denali fleece before sliding on some black leggings and UGG boots, ready to take on the world. None of them have that Purp though, mostly because such cultural customs don't translate to the far east, where North Face Purple Label is exclusive to. It's probably one of the top regional brands that we wish would make the leap overseas. I mean, if anything can transcend territorial boundaries, it's fire jawnz. The current connotation of The Face would shift dramatically if people starting asking each other where they got their fly gear and the genuine reply was, "Um, The North Face." F/W 15 here is exceedingly tight as per usual. Quilting is abundant, camo is used in subtle doses (thank fucking god), blues and greys dominate, while the cozy factor is off the charts with baggy sweats and fleece pants.

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