FEIT makes shoes for those that are obsessed with quality and nothing else. The minimalist shoe company makes all its footwear by hand and has partnered with the best tanneries for the leather used on the sneakers. Now, FEIT is releasing several of its core styles in new colorways. 

The low and high style have both been remade in black leather and cuoio, the Italian word for leather, which denotes the brown colorway. The slipper has also been cut from the black leather. Not only has FEIT continued to emphasize quality by using just a single piece of leather for the upper and hand-stitching it to the heel, the footwear brand has also thought of the little details that menswear nerds will appreciate. The special material used by FEIT won't hold onto heat or odor, making them the perfect shoe to rock without socks so you can show off a bit of ankle. 

FEIT's new line of footwear is available at the brand's website now.