Esquire took a break from its daily afternoon whiskey and cigar tasting to drop a hammer on us in the form of a big feature about the menswear scene, traversing the boundaries between typical hashtag shit and even wading into the areas of start-ups and other small companies making a name for themselves. This isn't your typical "Hey, meet these designers from that you already know about." Instead, it delves into their successes and failures and includes some wild cards to help change the pace.

Some of the usual suspects are there: Public School, Todd Snyder, The Ovadias, etc. But there's also brands like Jack Erwin. And, like, maybe (re: probably) this will make me seem even more swagless than I already do, but loafers are and always will be super dope and Erwin's shoes are a solid option at a solid pricepoint. Or how about Bespoken? The dudes whose took a legendary pedigree from Turnbull & Asser and flipped it into a progressive menswear brand flying a bit below the radar? I hope you're still paying attention.

Seriously, check out the rest of the crop's greatest successes and biggest challenges in what is surely an illuminating feature. It truly shows a wide-facing view of all the elements at play when you actually work for and own your brand and, really, the general state of menswear in 2015.

[Photo via Jason Bell For Esquire]