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Norwegian artist Hilde Krohn Huse had what probably would have been a take-it-to-the-grave moment for most. While trying to film just two seconds of herself hanging in a tree nude for an art project, Krohn Huse found herself tangled up in the rope and unable to get down. The camera recorded her struggling naked for 11 minutes and instead of deleting the footage immediately, she did the unthinkable and put it on YouTube. The clip made her a viral sensation, and now the winner of a prestigious art award, according to Dazed.

Krohn Huse and her footage won the Bloomberg New Contemporaries award and will now be shown in galleries around Britain this fall. The accidental piece, which didn't even catch the artist's full half-an-hour debacle because the camera's battery died, has made her a star. 

The artist has provided a deeply serious reason behind the footage's popularity. "I think people feel for the subject – the emotions are raw," she told ITV. "The boundary between the fiction and reality breaks down. When you watch an audience watch it – some people think it is funny and then they see the distress is real so it becomes less funny, but I don't mind people laughing – as soon as I make a work it is for the audience."

This has to be right up there with some of the weirdest performance art we've seen recently, but is also an important lesson in owning your fuck ups. You can watch the NSFW clip above.