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While we were all paying attention to clothing and weather that won't hit for another six to seven months from now, Norse Projects was back in the lab, with a pen and a pad, tryna get this damn F/W 15 collection off. The Copenhagen crew just sent over all the necessary accoutrements this morning for us to expose to the masses. And it doesn't disappoint. But, then again, has Norse Projects ever let you down? The stable of reliable and wearable pieces runs so deep that there is rarely a joint that can't be worn by literally EVERYONE. Basically, Norse Projects just wants us to be happy. They know that miserable void in our hearts can only filled by clothing and they turn out the hits. End of story. For F/W 15, there's the necessary puffy outerwear done in pared-down styles along with wool and flannel shirts because, last time I checked, it's actually advantageous to stay warm in the winter. There are also some nice pieces done with gauze for pliable coziness and tech-y shell outerwear. Now that it's almost August, we can finally start getting really excited for this stuff to hit shelves without feeling like a bunch of insane idiots, which, clearly, we are.