We're so sad that we missed N.Hoolywood's show last night, but if you hadn't followed, we actually had our very own Fashion Week party. That's right, we are actually officially official. So, due to a scheduling conflict because we are so fucking dope, we had to dip. Thankfully we still have images from N.Hoolywood S/S 16 because they're nice like that. This collection is plain in the way that only N.Hoolywood could make a plain collection while also making it great. There are some crazy outerwear silhouettes like the khaki trench toward the start, the taped seam parka, collarless jackets that look like they have a thicker seam around the neck opening and the dope high neck black parka joint at the end. As per usual, Hoolywood drops in some bright colors amidst the sea of black and khaki. If you take a look at the footwear you can see what appears to be, like, swim shoes with a neoprene upper and a tiny rubber sole for when you just have to bring your fits to the water.

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