Does anyone else here associate most short sleeve button-up shirts with Mormons? Or it that just me? Yeah, probably just me. But this Kapital short sleeve shirt is most definitely not related to Mormonism even though they would probably like it assuming they had any taste whatsoever. Either way, the short sleeve shirt is problematic for its associations with both Latter Day Saints and swagless Hawaiian shirts that dads who have never been to Hawaii wear. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to actually go to Hawaii if you wear Tommy Bahama or some shit. But this is a nice replacement with all its patchwork and distressed Boro stitching. The most important part is that the overlay on this is made using gauze, an underappreciated and exceedingly cozy fabric that needs more love for the simple fact that you could rip it off and immediately stop any bleeding. That's multi-purpose shit right there, fam. Which is exactly what you should expect from a $500 shirt.