James Franco, Hollywood actor; former McDonalds employee; and Shia LeBeouf  impersonator, adds author to his list of many talents. Franco, and co-author David Shields, are releasing a new book entirely about Lana Del Rey, titled Flip-Side: Real And Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey.

The book, which will contain Polaroid images of Franco and Del Rey, will likely expand upon Franco's earlier work about the songstress, namely a short essay that Franco wrote for V Magazine titled "Shades of Cool". Franco's piece for V reads mostly like a poem, musing on Del Rey's image, her notoriously awkward SNL performance, and how she inspires him.

Franco writes:

"When I watch her stuff, when I listen to her stuff, I am reminded of everything I love about Los Angeles. I am sucked into a long gallery of Los Angeles cult figurines, and cult people, up all night like vampires and bikers.

The only difference between Lana and me is her haunting voice. That carries everything. The voice is the central axle around which the spokes of everything else extend."

 Look out for the book, expected for release in March 2016.