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The concept of overdoing it is so simple and sometimes the line between doing things to the proper degree and doing too much isn't clear. In clothing, some brands are jumping on the whole "dye the fuck out of it and see what happens" tip. And the homies at Gioventu are among the fray. They did up their two most recent drops—the Bruiser crew and Karoshi flannel—in overdyed looks.  They even added a little gold foil to the Bruiser for a touch of class. As if the original pieces weren't already damn good, these are great. That deep dye look is pretty cool and I think we'll be seeing more of it in the near future. it almost looks like they're still wet or something. If you got paid today, you need to find an excuse to spend that money and I just provided you with a perfect outlet to do just that. So head over to Gioventu's site and see what they have waiting for you.