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Don C's Just Don snapbacks rose to prominence after fans saw the style perched on the head of his BFF Kanye West. The story behind Don C's caps are actually much cooler than that, though, he reveals during an interview with GQ.

While Don C made the python skin brim popular for this generation, the style was actually seen on "the quintessential baller cap of the late '80s and '90s for drug dealers of Chicago," Don C explains in the video above. The caps were originally named "buck fifty" and had fake snakeskin glued onto the brim and strap by local seamstresses. The hats were sold at liquor stores for $150, hence the name buck fifty.

Don C says that people will still point out the original buck fifty hats as a Just Don knock off. "No," he says, "that's the original inspiration behind my idea." 

Watch the interview with Don C above.