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Death To Tennis is severely slept on. That's all I have to say on the topic. It's like the classic line Jay-Z dropped on "So Appalled" where he asked us whether we'd rather be underpaid or overrated. And Death To Tennis is underpaid. The New York brand is definitely small, but pushes its look with aplomb, which is basically another way to say that they aren't slaves to the system. F/W 15 is a tightly knit collection of staples with some wild cards thrown in for good measure. I've come to know DTT for its take on the overshirt, a slightly oversized button up with a ribbed shirt collar and sizable chest pockets. It also puts a spin on simple outerwear. I remember a beautiful and reversible bomber from a few seasons back that was black with an alternate side of tiny floral that you only noticed once you got up close. Here, there's the slightly biased placket on a simple blue coat or pleats as deep as the fucking Grand Canyon. The DTT crew regularly does projects with C'H'C'M' and is stocked there as well, so keep an eye out.