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This collection from Bedwin literally takes its inspiration from the 1994 Beastie Boys album Ill Communication. I sincerely hope you've listened to that album because it is god damn great. I'm not even the biggest Beastie Boys fan, but from the weird, squiggly flute beat on "Sure Shot" to the grungy rockiness of "Sabotage," you really can't front on it. So that's not a bad place to draw inspo from, though it's probably a bit difficult to apply to clothing. This collection is a sure shot though, encompassing a wide variety of styles. Bedwin's leather jackets are here and so are the more Dickies-like workwear with chore jackets, chinos and plaid shirts. The creamy duffle coat in slide 8 is pretty nice and so is the standard-issue olive green bomber jacket. Can't go wrong with a classic. The most flagrant piece though: definitely the fluffy black jacket in slide 9. It might be faux fur but it almost looks like feathers too. While that's not a sure shot for, like, 99% of the population, the collection as a whole is and it should hit stores soon.