Wil Fry Accuses Forever 21 of Knocking off His Designs

Wil Fry lets Forever 21 have it on Twitter.

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Wil Fry took to social media to send out the above tweet featuring two Forever 21 products. The pictures are accompanied simply by the words, "savages @Forever21." 

The two Forever 21 products bear a striking resemblance to designs from Fry's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The first is a pair of layered sweatshorts and the second is a hoodie with a zipper across the chest. You can see the comparison to Fry's original pieces below. 



This isn't the first time Fry has taken to Twitter to vent his angers about potential knockoffs. The rapper Fabolous wore a jersey that looked eerily similar to the designer's "Birds of Paradise" Brooklyn Nets jersey back in 2013. Fry then called out the rapper on social media for refusing to pay for his clothing and getting a "phony" instead.  

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