We may as well get all of these similar French brands out of the way, right? Remember how Jean Touitou of A.P.C. doesn't like Sandro? Well, for what it's worth, I think Sandro's S/S 16 collection came with it a bit harder than A.P.C. Maybe that's because Sandro is very good at distilling down the elements of Saint Laurent and other high-end houses into slightly more accessible garms. Like, Sandro's shit is still pricey—pricier than A.P.C. in fact—but because it occupies a sweet spot firmly in that middle ground, it works. The very large and billowy outerwear catches the eye and the baggy trousers aren't the type that drag on the floor, but instead perfectly ripple in the wind and sit at the ankle. The suiting is, well, suiting and not totally relevant to our interests, but brands are essentially required to send out a few options since dudes still have to go to weddings and job interview and shit. This is that "I have a venture capital meeting at 6 and an art gallery opening to be at by 7" sort of low-key social status gear. Just make sure you have some friends in relatively high places.

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