Walmart stores have apparently captured exactly what millennials are looking for by offering low prices and a safe space for wearing pajamas in public. A poll conducted by InfoScout reveals that people under 24 chose the mega retailer as their favorite place to shop, beating out Target, Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Costco.

"Millennials now, as a generation, like Walmart the best, more so than Generation X, more so than boomers," said the Walmart senior Vice President of consumer insights and analytics Matt Kistler

The poll asked 175,000 people of various ages where they like to shop, with Walmart scoring the highest numbers amongst the youngest demographic. Other than the appeal of being a one-stop-shop with cheap prices, Ad Age reports that the retailer attributes the millennial's affinity for the superstore to the fact that they were likely dragged there by their parents, giving it a feeling of home. 


Image via InfoScout