Fans of the Australian brand Bonds have gone gaga over a limited-edition onesie that just sold on eBay for roughly $46,458, or 2,875 times the original retail price of just over $16, the Daily Mail reports.


The limited-edition "White Confetti Wondersuit" was a seasonal Christmas item that sold out almost immediately. This particular listing sparked a bidding war on eBay that saw over 85 interested parties try and win the coveted onesie. Parents are known to bid over $200 to purchase the special outfit, but the $46,000 pricetag has shocked everyone involved. "We're just as intrigued as you but we welcome the demand," Emily Small, Bonds marketing manager, told The Daily Telegraph.

The only explanation is that now that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting another child they needed the ultimate onesie for he or she to stunt on all the other babies in. Nothing says IDGAF more than spending almost double what the average American makes in a year on an item that a child will quickly grow out of.