We were caught off guard when Kapital did a runway show a little while back. And that's because the brand's F/W 15 collection was the first time it actually showed on a runway even though the brand is more than three decades old. To commemorate the occasion, the brand put out this behind the scenes look at what it took to produce the show.

It's not an overly serious look either, which is refreshing. Towards the beginning you can see a bunch of workers place and move and place and move and place and move the rugs along the runway to get the perfect amount of nonchalance. Kazuhiro Hirata even admitted that he's not really a fan of runway shows to begin with as they don't seem too realistic a way to display the clothes. The show even ends with the models dancing on the runway. Seems like it was a pretty good time. In addition to this short clip here, there will be a longer look at what went into producing their first ever runway show coming on Kapital's website on July 1st. Finally, something to look forward to.