A$AP Rocky has proudly repped his Harlem roots since coming onto the scene, and credited the neighborhood with developing his style. Harlem figure Dapper Dan, who was hugely responsible in bringing luxury brands to the area through his remixed designs, agrees that Rocky has also left a lasting influence on the neighborhood's style, New York Magazine reports

While at the premiere for the new hip-hop style documentary Fresh Dressed, Dan spoke about Rocky's effect. "The biggest challenge to traditional Harlem fashion right now is A$AP Rocky, because he caused a shift," he says. "I have never seen it move so far from the traditional look as it is now. That’s really something to examine. And the feedback that I’m getting from the streets is that the style is really almost shocking to some. Harlem fashion was generated from the guys on the corner who had no problem balling like certain entertainers." 

Rocky just rapped about his Harlem-informed style on A.L.L.A. track "Wavybone" in which he says, "I'm Richard Porter mixed with Mr. Porter." The former Porter was a famous Harlem drug dealer who coincidentally was a customer of Dapper Dan's, while Mr. Porter is a luxury clothes retailer

Watch Dapper Dan discuss Rocky's effect starting at the 4:10 mark above.