Listen up fools, here's your chance to have your intellectual property reprinted in a magazine, used by us for editorial purposes and then re-printed on this website so you don't have to actually buy a copy of said magazine. We're actually even shorter on time than usual because over time our laziness has taken off like a fucking exponential equation. If you could hit us with some questions to answer in the next two days, we'd be forever in your debt, which we'll just take out of all the shit you owe us for blessing you with our presence on a daily basis. This is for October/November, so switch your mind gears forward about five months to the days of layering and temperatures that don't make you want to murder a pedestrian. You want some examples to get the ball rolling?

-What is the optimal amount of layers to make sure I don't become a bite-sized version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters?

-If you were to describe your outfit in terms of a Thanksgiving meal, what would each piece of clothing be?

-I hate myself and want to die.

Okay, that last one isn't really a question, but we might still accept it out of sheer relatability.

Hit us up at or in the comments below if you're as lazy as we are, so we can just ignore you like we do on Twitter.