Sleeve stacks, let's talk about 'em. They're cool now. The menswear world has graciously embraced the sleeve stack as we continue to get baggier and baggier until, eventually, we're just vast piles of fabric going about our everyday lives. First, it was wider pants legs and, now, it's baggy ass sleeves. Next thing you know, Borat "sleeve of wizard" jokes will be back in vogue. Can't fucking wait. This Patrik Ervell bomber has those aforementioned slightly baggier sleeves and I'm about it. You need to understand that pilots don't have the luxury of a tailor sitting shotgun in the cockpit to slim up their jackets. Shit has to be baggy because that's just standard issue. Don't give into temptation and get all self-consciousness about your sleeves being a bit too wide for you. No one else notices, just like no one else notices if you're not working on a Friday afternoon and, instead, trying to figure out how to get around the office firewall to read Four Pins. My wife.